Token generation was tricky because I already created one. To create a new one, I needed to navigate to Bot then click on the Reset Token button. I’ll need to regenerate a new one since I showed it to everyone on stream. Oops.

Unsure what Discord Intents are used for. I got it to work but what is the difference between this and scopes.

Initially did not work because of the following error message:

discord.errors.PrivilegedIntentsRequired: Shard ID None is requesting privileged
intents that have not been explicitly enabled in the developer portal. It is
recommended to go to and explicitly
enable the privileged intents within your application's page. If this is not
possible, then consider disabling the privileged intents instead.

The fix was to toggle Privileged Gateway Intents. Which ones really made the difference? Unsure. We should figure that out next time.

Tasks completed

  • checked gitlab and bitbucket if Craig was smart and committed code somewhere. Craig is not smart.
  • set up github repo + verified we have a discord bot
  • use dotenv for env file

Future work

  • figure out Discord intents and the relation to the application Privileged Gateway Intents
  • feature: respond to messages
  • feature: admin stuff