How do we move our website to firebase?


npm install -g firebase-tools

firebase login

firebase init at the base on the hugo project

During setup, I was able to associate this project with the GCP project already created (“cnishina-dev-blog”). In addition, I selected the following options:

  • hosting
  • default for the publish directory as public
  • selected “No” in reference to deploying a single-page app


hugo && firebase deploy

Domain name

I was able to then “Add custom domain” in firebase by selecting the project, in the “hosted” tab, selected the “deployed” text, then clicked on the “Add custom domain”. After filling out the domain name, I was provided an A record-type to be set on Google domains. Note: the redirect option should not be selected.

Mistakes were made: Google domains shows my address off in the registration settings. Future Craig, please do not click on this again on stream.

Task Completed

  • Move dev blog from cloud storage -> firebase.

Future work

  • Use GitHub integrations to run Python test with Poetry.
  • Create blog post of cloud storage and load balancer experience for a static website.